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About Us

Pierce Water Rescue (PWR) was started in a garage in Pacific Beach, California by Kenney and Bill Pierce way back in 1993 making new inflatable rescue devices and custom gear for the San Diego Lifeguard Service with the express intent of making the best NEW water rescue equipment designs in the entire world.

At that time, water rescue equipment had barely evolved in the previous 100 years. PWR was the first to incorporate CO2 inflatable life vest technology into water rescue tools, the first to incorporate emergency release marine hardware into our lifeguard gear and the first to attach throw bags to waist belts, among other contributions to our industry. 

PWR has now been making custom lifeguard equipment for almost 20 years and we definitely don't do it for the money. It is a small, hard to serve market. We do it because WE HAVE A MISSION IN LIFE AND THAT MISSION IS TO PREVENT DROWNINGS AND SUPPORT RESCUERS!

We're especially proud to have invented the world's simplest, strongest and most effective all-purpose water rescue device....the Quick Collar.  

We perfected the Quick Collar over 10 years with the valuable input of the San Diego River Rescue Team, Encinitas Fire and Marine Safety Dept, the Denver Fire Dept, USCBP BORSTAR Tactical Team and too many others to list. It evolved from a helicopter rescue tool into an enormously useful tool for swift water rescue teams as well as first responders and civilians. It's THAT easy, that strong and that good.

We owe it to the public, the families of drowning victims, water rescue professionals and first responders to make the very best gear possible and to spread the word about it as widely as possible.

Any help spreading the news about our equipment is HUGELY appreciated and will save many lives. We have devoted OUR lives to saving your life and the lives in your community. Help us to help you help them.

Thank you and we hope to hear from YOU soon!

Most Sincerely,

Kenney Joe Pierce, Jr.