Pierce Lifesaving Corp (PLC) started in a garage in Pacific Beach, California 25+ years ago in an effort to significantly reduce the number of people who drown by designing better rescue equipment. It’s as simple as that. 


I made my first save at 9 years old at the local pool & I will never forget the relief and gratitude of that kid’s family. The seed was planted.


Then in college, I watched (on TV) as a church bus with 30 teenagers got swept away in a massive flood event in Comfort, Texas where the lack of suitable water rescue equipment resulted in the deaths of 10 lives. Through the tears, I was angry that no one ever cared enough to sit down and design some modern rescue equipment that could have saved those kids and others who suddenly found themselves so terrifyingly confronted with death, usually when they least expected it. 


So that’s what I committed to doing and never looked back. 


35 years later, I am very proud of all the gear I have designed, especially the Quick Collar. Still, it would never have been possible without the input of water rescue professionals from the San Diego Lifeguard Service, San Diego Sheriff’s Dept., FDNY, and many others. To them, I owe a debt of unending gratitude.


So, please sign up for our production updates and ask me any questions you might have. If I can ever be of service to you or your rescue community, do not hesitate to ask, and THANK YOU for checking out the best water rescue gear on the planet!




Kenney Pierce

Founder: Pierce Lifesaving Corp.