Why Quick Collar?

At least 236,000 people die from drowning around the world with approximately 4,000 of those deaths happening right here in the United States. Double that number are involved in near-drownings with many of those suffering permanent brain injuries. Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.A. & 20% of those are children under 15 years old.


Water rescue equipment such as rope throw bags (literally prehistoric) and life rings are antiquated & usually useless for water rescues. When a potential drowning victim is holding on for dear life to a tree branch (or whatever) while in the water, especially moving water, they will not be able to effectively grab & hang onto a throw rope with frozen hands in order to be dragged face first through the water. Life rings, invented over 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci, can only be thrown about 30 feet on a calm day (and even less in windy conditions or when the buoy is tied to a rope) and they most certainly have no lifting capabilities whatsoever.


The Quick Collar, however, combines BOTH a rope throw bag and a high-strength auto-inflatable cinch collar in one simple-to-use patented device. A would-be rescuer need only remove the Quick Collar from its waterproof outer bag, grab the end of the rope & throw the bag to the victim. 


When the bag hits the water, the collar automatically inflates in 2 seconds & pops out of the bag. The collar instantly provides 23 lbs of buoyancy & an easy-to-grab horseshoe-shaped collar that a victim can hook an arm through or grab with both arms using upper body strength instead of hands and fingers. The victim can then be pulled safely & securely through the water. 


The Quick Collar can also be dropped from a bridge, helicopter, ladder truck, jetty or pier down to a victim who can then be hoisted once the collar is put on over the head and under the arms of the victim. Additionally, it is the best drone deployable rescue device in the world.


The whole system is rated to 3,000+ lbs breaking strength so the Quick Collar can be used hundreds of times after recharge and repack & the recharge & repack process is incredibly cheap & easy to perform.


The Quick Collar water rescue system is currently being used by the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept’s SAR and ASTREA helicopter rescue teams who rescued a man from certain death in an ice/water rescue. Please refer to our REFERENCE page for more info.


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