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The Quick Collar from Pierce Water Rescue is likely the most important device ever developed for water rescues and drowning prevention. It combines the simplicity of a throwbag with ultra-modern CO2 inflatable technology to make a lightweight but incredibly strong rescue device. It's extraordinary functionality gives any potential rescuer a small, easy-to-use device with 60 feet of water rescue rope with a buoyant, cinchable collar at the end of the line. 

The Quick Collar provides the rescuer w/ a lifesaving tool that helps keeps them OUT of the water. Throw it just like a standard throwbag...but, when our bag hits the water near a victim, our patented auto-inflatable collar pops out automatically in seconds. 

The collar instantly provides the victim w/ 23 lbs of buoyancy that's easy to hold onto in the water...even with freezing hands. It also gives the rescuer the option, as a last resort, to use it as a lifting collar in life-or-death situations. The collar cinches tightly around a victim's chest during lifts but still allows them to breathe. This represents a fundamental breakthrough in water rescue safety.

The Quick Collar is 100% hand-made in the USA from the finest materials and components available. It is strength tested to over 3,000+ lbs...which means it can be safely used under the toughest conditions, over and over and over again many times. We designed and built them to last a lifetime.


  • Quick Collar can be thrown further and more accurately than any other throw bag.
  • It instantly provides 23+ lbs of buoyancy to the victim to prevent panic and drowning.
  • Quick Collar has a breaking load of over 3,000 lbs and can safely lift victims free of the water in seconds while still allowing them to breathe .
  • Our super-tough inflatable collar is completely wrapped in heavy duty 420 denier cordura nylon fabric to protect the collar in debris fields and ice.
  • The state-of-the-art automatic inflator on the Quick Collar will detonate automatically in seconds after hitting the water...even in sub-freezing water.
  • the Quick Collar is lightweight (4 lbs), compact (football sized) & easily stowed in any boat, vehicle or gear bag.
  • Fast and easy to recharge/repack (even when wet) with recharge kits from the outer storage bag. If you don't wish to repack/recharge, we will be glad to do it for you for a small charge (ground shipping charges also apply).

The Quick Collar should absolutely be in every first responder tool kit for responding to water rescues. After all, the life you save may be another first responder... so BUY NOW!