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The Quick Collar took 10+ years to develop and represents the most innovative water rescue device ever developed for water rescue. It provides any rescuer w/ a device containing 60 feet of water rescue rope and an auto-inflatable cinch collar. The Quick Collar system has been lab certified at over 3,000+ lbs breaking strength, meaning it can be used confidently in the toughest conditions imaginable over and over and over again.

Use the Quick Collar just like a throw bag. Simply pull it from it's storage bag, grab the end of the rope and throw it to the victim. It instantly provides approx 23 lbs of buoyancy to stabilize the victim and establishes that vital lifeline to them.

In do or die situations, the flotation device becomes a cinchable collar that can be used to lift victims from the water far more safely than any other rescue product. It's ability to cinch tightly around a victim's chest during lifts while still allowing them to breathe is a major breakthrough in water rescue safety many years in the making.


-Can be thrown further & with more accuracy than other throwbags.

-Instantly provides a buoyant device to the victim to stay afloat.

-Instantly provides a vital lifeline to the victim

-Quick Collar system is insanely tough and strong. 

- Inflatable collar is a buoyant device but can also cinche tightly around the chest (when put on over the head and under the arms) while still allowing the victim to breathe and without breaking ribs.

-It is lightweight (4 lbs), compact (football sized) and easily stowed in any vehicle, boat or gear bag.

-Fast and easy to recharge/repack (even when wet) and can be used over and over again. Recharge kits conveniently stowed in the yellow outer bag.

-Outer bag equipped w/ breakaway zipper for surefire use when needed.

The Quick Collar puts a very simple device with the awesome power to save lives in the hands of first responders, water rescue teams or anyone who should be prepared to save lives in the dangerous and unforgiving aquatic environment.

Quick Collar keeps the rescuer out of the water, the victim at the surface and helps prevent panic. Someone in danger of drowning can more easily hold onto the Quick Collar than just a rope from a throw bag and use their upper body strength vs hand strength to hold on.

See our WHY page for more information on why and how to use the Quick Collar. See Our INSTRUCTIONAL page for how to use, repack and recharge the Quick Collar.

This gear is tough as nails and will probably last 10-20 years. Buy now and be ready for the next water emergency!

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